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ASTRA  TS 22, cal 22LR, Adjustable Sights, Removable Barrel Weight

A great entry level well priced .22 handgun, its excellent accuracy will surprise you, its old world construction will produce the results you need and remain so for years to come.

It has an ease of handling that is as close to a high end olympic handgun as possible, yet priced for your budget

USED           Excellent                  $495.
New estate release




CANIX TP 9 SA, 9mm Para, 115mm Bbl, Cased 2 Mags

One of the latest 9mm semiauto handguns, from the best makers in Turkey, it is very accurate and reliable and should be considered by any newcomer to the target shooting sports

It is NEW and unfired and belongs in any target shooters’s kit

NEW Cased                  $495.


Colt New Service 1st Model cal .455 Eley

A best production handgun for the collector or target shooter, its excellent interior and mechanical condition will continue to give great service and enjoyment for its new owner for many years.

USED     VG - +  $895.
New estate release














Glock 21 caliber 45ACP, Cased

The stopping power of a 1911 as well as its reliability, in a modern package, it will as stated above , perform under any condition and give its owner the performance required

USED    Excellent       $615.
New estate release





Heckler & Koch, VP 70 Z,9mm Para

A rare handgun with a strictly blowback action, very reliable and accurate, it was the first polymer framed handgun made, and proved a success for this.

It is impervious to misuse, and its large capacity magazine made it the precursor of the Glock principle of high capacity

A real find for any serious enthusiast, plase add this one to your collection

USED    Excellent++                $1,090
New estate release


Heckler & Koch, Tactical, 9mm P, 123mm barrel, c/w 2 Mags

Also a target handgun with all the features, its excellent fit and pointability will give the results you seek in all targets.

Its 9mm Para chambering provide a wide variety of factory and custom loads.

It is a well known top performer in all disciplines

NEW,  Cased,  In Stock,      $1,185.


Herbert Schmidt, model 21 caliber 22LR,

If you like a western style revolver and prefer a 22LR handgun for any target activity, this item will fill the bill

Made entirely of quality steel, it is as well made as it is very accurate

USED               VG-Excellent          $325.



IMI, Israeli Baby Eagle, cal 9mm Para, 120mm Barrel

Another best from the IMI makers, all steeland using the reverse rails of the Petter system for tighter fit and best accuracy, it will fulfill all tasks you may wish

Its accuracy is well known, and its reliability is phenomenal

USED     Excellent+               $695



IMI, Israeli Jericho 941 FL, 9mm Para, 112mm Barrel

If you prefer a Polymer frame, the makers have manufactured this one with the same care and precision as all their well known products

It is a well known handgun made to deliver, please consider it as your next acquisition

USED     Excellent                 $695,




Interarms Virginian Dagoon, .357 Magnum 5`Barrel


For those who appreciate SAA`s quality at a reasonable price, this one will give its owner all desired at the range or in the field


Its balance and handling are a copy of the original 1873`s and its pointability will surprise


USED Excellent++        $775     Estate release













Norinco 1911 A 1, Caliber 45 ACP, 127mm Barrel


A high quality and very accurate 1911 manufactured handgun, shooting this classic 106 year old design is a real pleasure you will enjoy, and at an affordable price

It can have all the parts available today interchanged for maximum customization.

New       On Special  $345.









Polish VIS 35 Radom, 9mm Para, Nazi Marked


An icon of WWII, a collector`s great find, and not readily available for sale on any regular basis.


The history of this item is an integral part of the 2nd world war, its quality even in the worst days of WWII is amazing, its interior is a quality which is in stark contrast to its exterior


Please add this one to your collection,


 Excellent    $1,255.                estate release

















Ruger Mk I Target, 175mm Heavy Barrel

We have 1 left from an estate, and in great shape, ready for service and accurate results in any use that the new owners desires.

USED    Excellent      $375








Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk, .44 Magnum, 191mm barrel,

Its strong build and excellent accuracy, aided by its adjustable sights will give the accuracy and performance expected from this classic while retaining the Western feeling so deserved by this handgun.

Its wonderfully crisp and light trigger makes it accurate to shoot with any .44 Magnum load available in this “Dirty Harry” caliber

USED        Excellent++      
2 In Stock     $695.
Another Finally released by Estate!








SIG P 250, cal 45ACP, DAO and 40 S&W DAO, choose

A better .45ACP is really hard to find, please consider this item with a picatinny rail and ready for any IPSC or othere competetive activities.

It is really a great buy with all its features and at this price.

NEW    Both
In Stock, $645.,    2 Tone $755.




Smith & Wesson, Sigma, cal 40 S&W, 112 mm factory barrel

A 40 cal with feeling, this will fit your needs in this caliber for a polymer framed handgun as an alternative to the competition.

Like New,      2  In Stock    $495.
















Smith & Wesson 629 44 Rem Magnum, 4.25” Barrel Canadian Version, Stainless & Restricted
The classic 44 Rem Magnum handgun in a “just the right barrel length” form, the Canadian Version, 4 1/4” barrel.

Right for any use, this handgun will shoot the light and accurate 44  Special loads to the full hunting loads so popular since this  Clint Eastwood’s promotion of the “Dirty Harry Special”.

NEW in S&W Case         In Stock Now            $985.

Smith & Wesson .455 MkII, 165mm Barrel

Two in Stock    USED     Excellent     $825.