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Canadian Firearms Act rules


AMT Hardballer, .45 ACP, 5” Barrel, Custom Magwell

In top condition and an excellent shooter ( tested ), this handgun will provide many years of service and is a great value for any intended use.

It’s custom grips with an ambidextrous palm swell provide excellent control for those fast 2
nd shots required in competition.

USED           Excellent                  $745
New estate release


ASTRA  TS 22, cal 22LR, Adjustable Sights, Removable Barrel Weight

A great entry level well priced .22 handgun, its excellent accuracy will surprise you, its old world construction will produce the results you need and remain so for years to come.

It has an ease of handling that is as close to a high end olympic handgun as possible, yet priced for your budget

USED           Excellent                  $575.
New estate release


Beretta PX-4 Storm, Canadian Model
Only 500 of these rotary barrelled handguns were made for Canada, and have 106mm barrels, making them
Restricted & therefore transferable to all who have a club membership or collector status.

Their 9mm chambering makes this an ideal handgun for all activities, and the rotary lockup makes for reduced recoil with all loads.

You will find that the interchangeable backstraps will fit any hand configuration and for perfect comfort when shooting, combined with its excellent trigger, making an excellent target model as well.

NEW , Cased In Stock $995. On Special



Browning Hi Power cal 9mm, Belgian Manufacture


A favorite since its pre-war introduction and still in service with the Canadian military, it will provide the accuracy needed for any intended use


Ita ability to digest any manufactured ammunition makes it a favorite with knowledgeable shooters


New estate release
USED          VG Excellent            $695.












Colt New Service 1st Model cal .455 Eley

A best production handgun for the collector or target shooter, its excellent interior and mechanical condition will continue to give great service and enjoyment for its new owner for many years.

USED     VG - +  $895.
New estate release


Colt New Service 2nd Model cal .44 Russian/Special

All original and in excellent condition with its era correct target sights, it will amaze its new owner with its accuracy and manufacturing quality, from an era when pride of workmanship was the priority of the best makers of firearms

USED   Excellent          $995             
New estate release




COLT King Cobra, cal .357 Mag, 6” Stainless,

If you can appreciate target shooting with one of the best revolver ever made for this purpose, then you will beam with joy as you shoot 10 and X ring shots with this beauty

Its craftsmanship and exceptional build will last forever

USED  Excellent/As New   $.1,995.    
New estate release











Hammerli Xesse, caliber 22LR, 150mm Barrel, Cased 3 Mags


The famed Hammerli name and quality in an affordable package, it provides all the precision you desire for range use in a very ergonomic design.


It comes cased with 3 magazines etc ready for your first ezperience with the famed Hammerli design


USED    Like New      $675.















Glock 21 caliber 45ACP, Cased

The stopping power of a 1911 as well as its reliability, in a modern package, it will as stated above , perform under any condition and give its owner the performance required

USED    Excellent       $755.
New estate release



Glock 22, Generation 3, caliber 40 S&W, cased, 2 Mags,

As stated above, this caliber puts you in `Major`for IPSC and meets the requirements of numerous law enforcement agencies, great

USED    Excellent       $755.
New estate release



Heckler & Koch, Tactical, 9mm P, 123mm barrel, c/w 2 Mags

Also a target handgun with all the features, its excellent fit and pointability will give the results you seek in all targets.

Its 9mm Para chambering provide a wide variety of factory and custom loads.

It is a well known top performer in all disciplines

NEW,  Cased,  In Stock,      $1,285.
All taxes apply



SOLD   Inglis Hi Power, Chinese Contract,

Found another WWII Icon, a must for collectors and target shooters alike, in 9mm Para it will digest and shoot accurately all available ammunition

This handgun’s military ramp sight adds to its versatility and provides a great look into the past when such accessories were a rule of the day for long distance shooting with a handgun, something not seen much today

USED,   Excellent        $.
















SOLD   Ruger Mk III Target, Stainless, 22LR, Cased 2 Mags


A great addition to any repertoire of target handguns, it comes with a picatinny rail and is cased, looks brand new as well


It is extremely accurate and its adjustable sights will guarantee continued and correct shot placement on any target


USED   Cased   Like New             $















Ruger GP 100, Canadian Model, 4 1/4” .357 Magnum Barrel

As the manufacturers continue to provide Canadian shooters with 106mm barrels, we can enjoy the feel of the 4`barrels in a Restricted mode, a great benefit to a multitude of shooters who find the 6 inch barrelled handguns not as handy as the new 4.25`ones

Excellent handling combined with a lifetime durability means a great acquisition.

NEW  On Order    Unfired     Cased                     $.

Ruger Mk I Target, 175mm Heavy Barrel

We have 1 left from an estate, and in great shape, ready for service and accurate results in any use that the new owners desires.

USED    Excellent      $415









Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk, .44 Magnum, 191mm barrel,

Its strong build and excellent accuracy, aided by its adjustable sights will give the accuracy and performance expected from this classic while retaining the Western feeling so deserved by this handgun.

Its wonderfully crisp and light trigger makes it accurate to shoot with any .44 Magnum load available in this “Dirty Harry” caliber

USED        Excellent++      
2 In Stock     $795.
Another Finally released by Estate!




SIG 226, Adjustable Sights Blue, 9mm Para

Whether for IPSC or any other activity or duty use, this top quality 9mm will deliver on target, repeatedly, its fully adjustable sights adding to this ability.

It is in mint condition and comes with 2 magazines.

Please consider this as your next acquisition.

USED      Excellent/ As New    $895. New estate release


SIG P 250, cal 45ACP, DAO

A better .45ACP is really hard to find, please consider this item with a picatinny rail and ready for any IPSC or othere competetive activities.

It is really a great buy with all its features and at this price.

NEW    Both
In Stock,  2 Tone $815.






Smith & Wesson, Sigma, cal 40 S&W, 112 mm factory barrel

A 40 cal with feeling, this will fit your needs in this caliber for a polymer framed handgun as an alternative to the competition.

Like New,      2  In Stock    $545.




Smith & Wesson 617, 10 shot 22LR Stainless, Target Sights, NEW

A great way to start in target shooting, a 6 inch barrelled 10 shot 22LR revolver that will deliver what you are looking for & on target, anytime

NEW in S&W Case,  ON ORDER                             $899.


Smith & Wesson 686 Stainless .357 Magnum, 6” Barrel


A flagship of the Smith & wesson line, its exceptional balance contributes to its superb accuracy and its fully adjustable sights assure correct shot placement



At home on the range or elsewhere, it will retain its accuracy and value for many lifetimes due to its excellent durability.


USED         Excellent++     $775.












Smith & Wesson, 460 Magnum, 5” Compensated Barrel, Stainless

Possibly the most powerful handgun they ever made, but its versatility is unsurpassed

It will fire all cartridges with the same bore diameter, such as .45 Long Colt, 454 Casull etc., so you have a choice of loads for any target or hunting situation you choose

Back Order!

NEW in S&W Case                         $1,325.






Smith & Wesson 686, 4.25” Canadian Version Barrel, cal 357 Magnum, stainless

If you require a .357 in a barrel length we all loved before the laws changed, this 4.25” barrelled Canadian Version will shoot the lightest wadcutters right up to the strongest .357 loads available all day long.
It is the right feeling for the right target and will deliver what you have been asking for.

NEW in S&W Case     Back Order         $910.


Smith & Wesson 629 44 Rem Magnum, 4.25” Barrel Canadian Version, Stainless & Restricted
The classic 44 Rem Magnum handgun in a “just the right barrel length” form, the Canadian Version, 4 1/4” barrel.

Right for any use, this handgun will shoot the light and accurate 44  Special loads to the full hunting loads so popular since this  Clint Eastwood’s promotion of the “Dirty Harry Special”.

NEW in S&W Case         In Stock Now            $1,030.

Smith & Wesson .455 MkII, 165mm Barrel

Two in Stock    USED     Excellent     $825.