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Beretta CX-4 Storm
Cal 9mm Parabellum or 40 S&W, these 16.1” barreled semi-auto carbines are all they are described to be! A truly wonderful firearm with the ability to take Beretta model 92 or 96 magazines, it is limited to 10 shots, ideal for a carbine of this type. It comes with 2 magazines, accessories, and in 40 S&W.

IN STOCK      Used  Excellent++      . $785.



BRS99, Polish Semi-Auto SMG

This 9mm Para semi-auto only smg has a 7" barrel and comes with 4 magazines, tactical holster, sling, etc. Can be fired at any facility that permits handguns.

Special order.    
NEW   $2,100.



Brugger & Thomet, TP9 Semi-Auto
This machine pistol is a semi-auto civilian legal 9mm Para firearm that can be reliably shot with any available 9mm Para ammunition. Comes with 2 magazines, cleaning kit, manual.

Special order with Aimpoint, Currently Available.   NEW $

Special order without Aimpoint, Currently Available.   NEW $.





Colt AR 15 A2 Competition H-Bar, 20” Barrel

If you are looking for an all original Colt AR 15, this one is in excellent condition++, showing very little signs of having been shot.

Don’t buy a mixture of parts and try and assemble an AR platform, this COLT will do all that you want, and then more, delivering accuracy and reliability for as long as you own it.

USED             Excellent+           $1,750. Reduced
eleased by Estate


Czeck Small Arms, model VZ58 Sporter, cal 5.56
11.5" barrel or 7.5” barrel

NEW with muzzle brake, with optional scope mount.

7.5 inch model      
NOW IN Stock     from  $1,099.



CZ91 Skorpion
One of the first of the modern machine pistols, this semi-auto version of the famous Skorpion, carried by Yassar Arafat for many years, was available new in Canada.

This specimen is available in caliber .380ACP and comes with 2 pinned magazines, a 12 rounder and a 30 rounder.
They are Now Available in .32ACP